Loyalty programme

Together, we created the first ever loyalty programme that doesn’t put the customer first.

The UK is a nation of animal lovers. In fact, research shows that many owners tell their pets they love them at least twice a day*.

When working with Pets at Home to create their loyalty programme, we wanted to celebrate the unique bond between owners and pets, and to engage with customers on an emotional level. So we decided to put pets at the heart of all communications.

The Very Important Pets (VIP) club loyalty programme collects rich data about owners’ pets – from sign-up to every swipe of the loyalty card. Communications are personalised and addressed to the pet, and include friendly expertise, offers tailored to pet type, and even birthday treats.

This approach has taken Pets at Home from knowing little about their customers to fostering millions of individual and meaningful relationships, while increasing brand love and sales along the way.

VIP club has become one of the fastest-growing loyalty schemes in the pet industry. Three years after launch, it now boasts 4 million members, and 12 million pets. Woof.

*Source: Pets at Home Pet Report 2014



Since its launch in 2012, VIP club has attracted over 4 million members.


Worth of donations

Lifelines collected by members have been converted into over £3 million worth of donations to over 600 animal charities.


Greater spend

VIP club members spend 40% more every time they shop with Pets at Home than non-members.


LFL sales benefit

Bi-monthly targeted reward mailers generate a like-for-like sales benefit of 2.9%.


  • Gold DMA
    Best Loyalty Programme
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    Best Loyalty Programme
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