Tesco Clubcard

We helped create the world’s most successful loyalty scheme – and changed the supermarket game overnight.

Launched in 1995, Tesco Clubcard, and particularly the database behind it, provided Tesco with an unprecedented level of detail about its shoppers and how they shopped.

Working in partnership with dunnhumby, we created the Clubcard database and used the data to mine customer insights. By acting on these insights, we could help Tesco improve every single member’s experience, offering personalised communications, discounts and rewards, and keeping loyal customers coming back.

“To a supermarket, one loyal customer is worth five newly-acquired customers.”

At launch, the card was an instant success. One year later, Tesco became the UK’s top supermarket. Twenty years on, Clubcard remains the benchmark for loyalty schemes throughout the world.

Today, Clubcard delivers value to 16 million customers in the UK. And by constantly evolving how we act on Clubcard data, we continue to drive mutual loyalty between Tesco and its customers.



Tesco Clubcard delivers value to 16 million customers in the UK.


We have had a long-lasting relationship with Havas helia and they have really grown with us as Clubcard has developed over the years. They do fantastic work and the team are a real pleasure to work with.
Danielle Papagapiou, Tesco Clubcard Director
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