Taste with Tarquin

Using modern technology to reinvent traditional tasting notes.

Tarquin’s Gin is hand-crafted on the coast of North Cornwall in batches of fewer than 300 bottles at a time. The hand-sourced botanicals, tangy citrus and fragrant Devon Violets mean each batch is subtly different, creating an aromatic experience unlike any other.

What better way to celebrate the individual character of each bottle than sharing a glass with Tarquin, the Head Distiller?

Tarquin was keen to highlight the complex process of making his gin; where it’s made, its unexpected ingredients and how unique each small batch is so each one of his consumers gets exclusive insights while he asserts his true craftsmanship.

We turned to mobile as the channel always available at point of consumption. We wanted consumers to respond immediately, so we built on a platform they are familiar with, requiring no additional effort from them and offering a unique experience: FaceTime.

Every bottle of gin has a card inviting consumers to FaceTime Tarquin. When they do, they’re connected to a pre-recorded video of him sharing details of the hand-crafted spirit. Tarquin then "asks" for the unique batch number of the bottle and grabs one from the same batch to taste with the viewer. Comments and feedback can be recorded and viewed on the campaign site.

FaceTime isn’t an open technical platform. We hacked it using a mix of code, voice recognition, soldering irons and a robot hand. It’s a world first. Even Apple tried to find out how we did it.

As a smaller distillery, Southwestern can’t compete with the mammoth budgets of international corporations. So we made Tarquin the face of the brand. By giving his non-local customers some face time (literally), he’s building a more meaningful connection with his patrons.


Response rate

A significant figure given the platform was designed with engagement rather than reach in mind.


Increase in production

During the campaign the weekly production of Tarquin’s Gin increased by 265%.


  • BIMA
    Consumer Goods Winner 2015
  • Featured in Contagious 42
  • Featured in Trendwatching
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