Green Horizons

Our partnership with IBM is all about making things.

Their investment of billions of dollars in cognitive technology and Internet of Things infrastructure means that IBM will play a leading role in helping world leaders, companies and brands to embrace the opportunities of the connected era. We bring this value to life by building cool stuff that people can play with. Most recently we’ve partnered with them to build working prototypes using the Watson Ecosystem for clients including Red Bull, Reckitt Benckiser and TD Ameritrade.

Our most recent project in London was an interactive showcase for their Green Horizons project: the ultimate application of cognitive technology to over 10,000 data sources connected via the Internet of Things, and a technological leap forward in the fight against pollution and climate change. Our role was to run a short, sharp event that showed how revolutionary this tool is and what its impact can be. We produced a working demo inside 36 hours and the entire project in less than three weeks.


  • FWA Shortlist
  • Awwwards Honorable Mention
  • CSS Design Awards
    Special Kudos
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