Like a faithful dog, a moustache is truly a man’s best friend. It might be a little unruly and hard to train as it’s growing up, but it’s also the ultimate flirting accessory. Who can resist chatting to a man with an adorable furry companion?

Every November, the moustache also brings awareness of an important health message, making it a universal friend of male-kind, everywhere. So to raise awareness and donations for Movember’s 2014 campaign, we created an animated trilogy of short films.

“Man’s Best Friend” tells the story of Max and his pet moustache, Murphy – from his beginnings as a frisky, straggly pup to the sad day on December 1st when Max has to shave goodbye to his faithful companion.

The series was created in collaboration with talented animator David Luepschen.

Mat Denney, Creative Director at Havas helia